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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

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How did the location of Nich for the first ranking in less than 61 days

Let's starting , as indicated by the title will speak on the subject of how I arrived location Nitsch for the first rank, I know that this issue will be a year is something I can not all the details explain point by point, but not too bad as long as you enthusiastic about what Ali I However, I share what I know.
Now, I'm very excited because I will write more and all the rest of what I have learned in this experiment, because, frankly, every time I finish, I find the site I learned something new.
The failed experiment
In order to brief you at the same angle at which the topic I see them I will highlight the first experiment failed, which led me to all this.
I arrived to the idea of ​​this Alnic after I saw the site was created by Spenar Howes bestsurvivalknifeguide.com, which reached its first target word rank Best survival knife.
After I saw this, I thought, and I said why do not I translated the experience of the French. Directly on the Google Keyword Tool Tool (now Google Keyword Planner her name) to find that the word keyed nearby which could be targeted are Couteau de survie (Search 2900 rate per month).
In order to set up the site booked GuidedeCouteauDeSurvie.net of Jodadi company which includes the key words, then you install and use Aluwrderis Yoko template, I translated and published content without correction, application percent plan link and then follow the order.
Day, two days ...
Week, two weeks and did not rise Trtia as you want (once appears in the seventh page, shows once in the fourth and then disappears) is important I was not satisfied with the result.
After more than a month later, and I am looking for the latter arrangement competitor works the same plan almost ranked first site appeared to me. Strange is that I did not see him a progress, but directly in the first Mrtah.
Then you work  ties analysis  of Otvaji that the simple way, brought this enthusiasm in myself and I came back another location, but this time another plan, because, as Einstein said "stupid to repeat the same act and is waiting for a different result."
What did you do, forget everything you know about the Sioux and Atbos rival plan, the idea of ​​rival site is www.couteau-survivre.com.
This was my experience failed.
what did you gain ?
The best plan is to follow the successful rival plan.
Why experiment prepared the same keyword?
Alnah My goal this site is that it was my abilities in Sioux Othbt for myself first, in order to recall my confidence in myself, because although I know that failure is the best teacher, but Onnh if repeated can shake a person's confidence in himself. For this, After it failed the first time, I am leaving, but thank God Almighty that alerted me to this rival.

Date Order Site

Attributed to you once again for the site which is the subject of this post will talk about the history of the evolution of its ranking in Google. Valuable time arrived km from this site for the first rank? Arrived in 61 days. But is this, I want to point out that I did not work like racing, versa worked in the leisure only, especially as the last two months I had other commitments (work-time 8 hours in the city that I live, I mean travel every day) plus Atlav Entries arrangements. It is important, this history of the development site is the order of:
September 9: Publish the subject of the home page. It has not yet been cataloged.
September 28: # 75
September 29: # 75
Oct. 5: # 70
Oct. 5: # 69
Oct. 7: # 51
Oct. 14: # 42
Oct. 15: # 39
Oct. 18: # 37
Oct. 19: # 25
Oct. 21: # 24
Oct. 24: # 16
Oct. 24: # 8
5 November: # 14 (normal, Google Want dancing)
November 7: # 4
20 November: # 2
28 November: # 1 Aahowo (joy, not the search engine :))
This way you will have a general idea of ​​the evolution of website ranking in Google.

Alnah idea (search for the keyword)

If you are waiting for me to explain to you how I looked for this idea Alnah, I mean how the search keywords, unfortunately now is not because I am and as I said I did not search for the idea Alnah but only searched for the word is synonymous with Best Survival Knife in French.

Create Site

The process of creating the site were as follows, I got the domain of Jodadi (CouteauFrance.com), but this time it does not contain the keyword as it is, just added to host My on www.arvixe.com that gives validity to host an infinite number of sites, the installation of manner Auto Install, which give me the site in less than 3 minutes.
(For reference, when the use of the coupon that I will get a commission without any additional costs for you, if you use it, I say thank you for your confidence in the experience of what I would advise him).
Then you change between several templates that I settled in this which I use now and who sent me a Facebook friends who I've met through Cole universe. I can not share with you this template file because the author does not want (only for reference).
Is a list of additives which have been used:
  • -   WordPress SEO By Yoast  (Her result)
  • - Digg Digg (Azar Post)
  • - Captcha (the fight against spam comments)
  • - Contact Form 7 (contact page)
  • - Google Analytics (statistics)
  • - Pretty Link Lite (to create Ovlait as Site links)
  • - Q2W3 Fixed Widget (to make one side of the boxes down the page)
  • - Quick Adsense (you do not need to explain)

Content strategy

As already mentioned in the previous entry  how to get exclusive content for your site that I am no longer established sites containing localized content without correction, I decided that I will translate the content from English to French  with humancorrection, you search for content that if you send it to the translator who help me will not be repeater, how do you do this? Normal, translate page of a French tool Google and discernible line or at least two and was their search in Google and see if it exists or not.
After I received content I publish Home (about 1400 words) Almtbuth site that gives strength in terms of the Sioux.
If you do not know how to not install the home page, I will explain how in another subject when I will explain my way of establishment of Nis using Aluwdberas site.


And reached important phase, which bewilders everyone (including me). Because most do not know how to reach the location of the first rank, should use any tool, Allbecklins number of links that must be created every day, and so on.
When the subject comes Sioux, infinity There are a number of questions that could be asked, because I also esta in Sioux spiral and know sensation.
For this and without prolonging, as long as you are working on the site Nitsch targeted keyword true meaning found no competition elevated Do not fool Pastratejat Sioux complex that require you to use programs or automatic ways, because I after analytical Links Site rival and found that most of them that were not all of the forums, blogs only, but the difference was between him and me it was one of the sites and forums  is similar to the theme of Alnic. The position of the knives used to stay alive it possible for you to establish his links to forums / blogs concerned with the placement of the woods or knives in general, for example.
It is important, in my way of creating the site for search engine Google was the search using the word Forum Couteau, which means specialized forums on the subject of knives and tape, in which my website and put in place special sign, which will remain in repeated any time you participate.
As for the codes, the same thing, looking for that are related to the subject and then share them without paying attention to whether the Novello or vice versa, I put a post with a value, and then I put my name up the highest proportion of the acceptance of my comment.
Now that I see the file you organize the practical and found that I used the 6 and 6 Forums Blogs I'm sure of them, which means do not delete my posts.
There are those who Sastgrb after he sees this the easy way, for this I will tell him I'm sure you will fail if adopted, because I'm sure that you will obtain all the links using your key only, and from Google know that you are that creates links and instead to raise your ranking will versa.
Rates of use of keywords in your site links Allbecklins:
Rates of use of keywords in your site links backlins:
Keywords example: Couteau de survie
10%: an exact match, such as "Couteau de survie"
20%: partial match such as "Meilleur couteau de survie"
10%: Website URL such as "Couteaufrance.com"
10%: The name of the site such as "Couteau france"
20%: Similar words such as "choisir le meilleur couteau"
20%: No relationship such as "hich", "visiter mon site", "cliquez ici"
For reference, do not try to get the proportions exactly as they are, they are only estimated proportions until you have a general idea on how to deal with Allbecklins links that you get back to your site.
Another point I want to refer to them before they get out of the Sioux, a stage, the number of links that will establish, as I said already and a few links to similar sites plus enough to continue, without interruption means.
My way of the Sioux were as follows, to obtain a mixture links (forums, blogs) at a rate of 10 every day and hold until it reached the first rank.


 Clarification: My goal of this site is to remove the competitors of the first grade and not profit, but after what I have achieved my goal not trying to profit from it. 
I am with here in this blog I intend to share my experiences in the Sioux, but it is not a good analysis of the sites profit If you see that it will be useful.
This is the first site I rely a selling Amazon products, because I often put Adsense ads after the establishment of the site directly because they are easy.
Amazon image of 28 November earnings (the arrival of the first site to rank) to December 16:
How did the location of Nis for the first ranking in less than 61 days

I'm going to explain it to those who had never used the Amazon, the site Baaa 20 product worth 910 euros got them to 45 euros 5%.

What I learned after my experience this Amazon:

Better targeting of threads that Alnic whose products are expensive, Vogly knife sold for 100 euros while the majority ranging from 10 to 30 euros. The thing that you are debugging in another Nitsch products not come down from 400 euros to one.
To date, it reached in 1400 to write the word in this matter and that the origin of the goals for 1500, there is nothing wrong to speak about my plan with this site.
My plan to develop the site to a higher level:
I will add more content to this site in the form of reviews of this Sostahedv knives and other keywords plus the long tail words, and why not to the level of its origin becomes known and has a position of authority in its Alnic.
Second, building a mailing list as long as the work itself without any intervention from me.
This is, for the way I work now rely on repeating the same experiment with several sites, and as long as I owned when he does not re-sell them as long as I get a monthly profit × 12.
(On the idea of ​​the site, which was established after this is now in the sixth grade and I'm working up to it for the first it is as well).
It has now reached 1535 for the word :)

Your opinions

Have you ever created a site Nitsch before? If yes, how was the result? What are your tips to benefit maximum from such sites?  I will read all the comments and interact with them.
If you've never created a site Nitsch before, I hope my experience from this that encourages you and show you how to build Alnah sites. As I say, to try and err a hundred times better than not trying.
Start with just the easy step, and I'm sure you will succeed!
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Most of us know that the icon an important role in attracting the attention of a researcher at the App Store, which affects the number of downloads thing that makes the application of either successful or vice versa.
And every one of us wants to success focuses well and gives attention to the icon that will establish for its application. Because it can be in your application researcher everything he wants, but when you give it an icon is not clear or icon does not explain very well what there is inside the application you as if you ask the researcher to not try it
This is not an easy thing, because the reduction of the user experience or your application in the form of a measurement of 48 pixels at 48  requires advanced knowledge and experience in the design
After he learned about the importance of the icon and its role in the success of applications Samer share three tips or Adopted by the rules and I deafen icon:

1 - Movement (Action) 
2 - explain what is inside the game 
3 - to avoid writing

For the first and most important thing I see must be in Your Avatar even attract attention is the movement or Action. I mean when I say the movement to show the most important movement in your application, whether running, jumping or anything else
In order to understand this more Let's see the following examples
(By the way, which I will give examples of the games are of the same class and is running, but nevertheless, we will find significant differences in the design).
spirit run
If we look for the icon we will find that using it did not adopt the motion, thus it is difficult to know what's in the game, or is it Jerry Questions and Answers ...

Can you tell me that despite this Vllabh large number of downloads, thus there is no goal of the icon
I speak to you to get on downloads in a natural way, playing field we are talking about is a great company, and the latter can any company and I'm sure to pay money in a declaration of its game thing that we can not we as individuals do therefore there is no room for us to success is the establishment of an attractive icon
Game Rail Rush is completely contrary to the previous terms of design, although it is a great company to pay in order to publicize their application but it did not lose sight of the adoption of the motion in the design of its icon.

If we look, we find that it is drawing on the railroad tracks you will learn that there are within the game speed, since he extends his hand behind it being something that is gold, all this person giggled and thus the game enjoyable.
F. say, all this illustrated only the icon, I will tell you yes As they say the image is better than a thousand words
The first two bases for this I would advise them when you want to create Your Avatar to adopt the motion and to explain the most important thing there is inside your game or your application
The third rule, Avoid writing
First because they do not appear in the case Minimize icon, Tanya and most importantly, all his ability to imagine
You can be the owner of the application you have to understand what the word means Runner For You created from but not necessarily the same thing with others.

So a good understanding, Imagine with me if there is someone who wants to convince you to buy jeans that show you without him, whatever that description Shorts is blue and measuring or Kada Kada will not be convinced, but when you see.
The same with the applications, the writing does not depend on the icon because every level imaginable
This is what us be clarified from this example  (Sendokai Champions Runner), even though they show a personal Loyalty to write it is difficult for you to understand the nature of the game, although it from the same category the previous examples, which is running
unnamed (1)
The thing that appears since the first glance at the following example of a game A Castle Run, despite the fact that its design is not a good idea but it connects the application without writing. You saw that you understand that you play someone being on top of a red carpet inside the castle.

And it'll get to that, there is no need for the introduction of writing in Your Avatar, the matter only requires movement, and show what there is inside your game
Now that we have seen this We're going to see how we can apply this in Photoshop
Let's assume that we have a game  adventure hero is a child is going to collect soccer balls
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